What We Do


What is a Conservation Authority?

A Conservation Authority is a corporate body, formed by municipal request, under the Conservation Authorities Act of Ontario. Under this legislation, the purpose of a Conservation Authority is to further the conservation, restoration, development, and management of natural resources (excluding gas, oil, coal and minerals) in their areas. The powers and requirements for Conservation Authorities are also set out in the Conservation Authorities Act.

An authority’s jurisdiction is based on a watershed (an area of land drained by one stream or river) rather than by political boundaries, since all municipalities through which a river or stream flows, share its resource problems. The Cataraqui Region Conservation Authority has jurisdiction over 3,500 sq. km of land, from Greater Napanee in the west to Brockville in the east. In all, there are 11 watersheds in our jurisdiction, the largest ones being the Cataraqui and Gananoque Rivers. Smaller systems include the Collins, Millhaven, Wilton, Little Cataraqui, Lyn, Golden, Buells, and Butler Creeks.

Our Services and Facilities

We deliver a wide range of services, activities and facilities which include:

  • watershed strategies and management
  • mapping and development of a natural resources information database for our watershed
  •  technical assistance to landowners
  • conservation education programs for schools
  • outdoor recreation facilities such as conservation areas, trails and boat ramps
  • environmental land use planning
  • habitat protection
  • reforestation
  • flooding and erosion protection
  • sensitive wetlands, floodplains, shorelines and valley land protection
  • water quality and quantity monitoring.