Cat Tales Newsletter

Cat Tales is a regular newsletter published three times a year by the Cataraqui Region Conservation Authority. Our newsletter is emailed out to people who sign up for the newsletter on our online services page. The Fall and Winter issues of Cat Tales are also distributed through the newspaper in late August/Early September and early January.

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Current Issue

Current Issue
Winter / Spring 2019

Past Issues

YearIssueFile Size
2018Fall 20184 MB
Summer 20184 MB
Winter / Spring1 MB
2017Fall1 MB
Summer 1 MB
Winter/Spring 1 MB
2016Fall1 MB
Spring/Summer 20161 MB
Winter/Spring 1 MB
2015Fall 20151 MB
Spring-Summer 20151 MB
Winter-Spring 1.42 MB
2014Fall 2.0 MB
Spring-Summer 5.0 MB
Winter-Spring 3.1 MB
2013Fall 2.1 MB
Winter-Spring 2.0 MB
2012Fall2.0 MB
Spring-Summer2.0 MB
Winter5.7 MB
2011Fall3.4 MB
Spring-Summer2.0 MB
Winter1.79 MB
2010Fall2.9 MB
Spring-Summer4.0 MB
Winter1.9 MB
Spring-Summer1.4 MB
Winter1.4 MB
2008Fall1.3 MB
Spring-Summer1.2 MB
Winter1.1 MB
2007Fall1.3 MB
Winter1.4 MB
2006Fall965 kb
Winter4.6 MB
2005Fall0.5 MB
Winter2.5 MB
2004Fall2.4 MB
Winter1.9 MB
Spring-Summer2.4 MB
Winter2.1 MB
2002Fall2.5 MB
Winter977 kb
2001Fall1.3 MB