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The Friends of Lemoine Point is a  local community-based group of volunteers that helps to conserve and enhance Lemoine Point Conservation Area a forested waterfront area located within the City of Kingston.

Our specific goals:

  • Undertake programs and activities to protect and enhance Lemoine Point’s natural environment.
  • Promote public awareness and enjoyment of Lemoine Point Conservation Area as a place of nature.
  • Advise and work with the Cataraqui Region Conservation Authority (CRCA) on the development and conservation of Lemoine Point.

Projects and Programs

Our activities are carried out in close cooperation with the CRCA, and depend on public support including volunteer labour, membership fees, and donations. Activities include various aspects of maintaining and regenerating the natural environment as well as other ways of enhancing Lemoine Point. Current activities are summarized below:

Heritage Forest Program
We have a tree planting program to establish groves of assorted species of native trees and shrubs to enhance the existing forest. Each year our volunteers plant up to 1,000 trees at community planting events. The program is funded by membership fees and public support.

Native Plant Nursery
We developed and manage the nursery at the north end of Lemoine Point to grow our own plant stock for our reforestation activities, using seeds and cuttings collected from native trees and shrubs. Such local plant stock is more likely to lead to healthy and well-adapted plants, and is less expensive. The nursery has the support of various local environmental organizations, is funded through fundraising and donations, and is operated by volunteers.

Trees, shrubs and wildflowers are also available for sale to the public. All proceeds go back into the nursery.

Invasive Species Control 
Several aggressive invasive plant species have become established at Lemoine Point Conservation Area. As part of our efforts to encourage native plants, we try to control those species by volunteer work parties removing them as much as possible. Our main focus is on Garlic Mustard that is displacing our native spring wildflowers, Dog-strangling Vine that threatens to cover native shrubs, and European Buckthron.

We undertake projects and initiatives to conserve or enhance Lemoine Point’s biodiversity, primarily aimed at the protection or development of habitat for various existing animal and bird species. Current projects include a turtle nesting site and an osprey perch.

Trail Management
We plan and work to improve and maintain Lemoine Point’s trails to enable enjoyable walking as well as to encourage people to stay on the trails and thus protect interior habitat. It includes upgrading trails and discouraging unauthorized paths.

We promote accessibility and have previously initiated the resurfacing on about half of the trails, remodeled washrooms, and modified picnic tables to make them more friendly for wheelchair users and others with mobility issues. The projects were funded largely through fundraising and public donations.

Policy and Planning
We represent the interests of those who use Lemoine Point and want to maintain its uniqueness by actively advising the CRCA on its development and conservation.

We also conduct periodic visitor surveys to determine interests and usage and to support policy and planning.


Our newsletter is published every spring and fall and provides our members with interesting information about Lemoine Point Conservation Area and updates on projects and Events. Check the sidebar on this page for the most recent issues of the newsletter.


Our organization and activities are governed by our constitution and by our board of directors. The board members are elected every year at our annual general meeting.

Our annual general meeting is held every November and is a special opportunity for members as well as the public to have input into planning and to discuss issues affecting Lemoine Point. Only members have voting rights. View our latest Annual Report (PDF) »


We encourage all interested members of the community to join our organization, as it demonstrates public support for our goals and helps to protect and maintain Lemoine Point Conservation Area for ourselves and for future generations. As a member, you support the conservation of Lemoine Point, receive our newsletter every spring and fall, and are entitled to vote at our annual general meeting.

Membership is $20.00 per person, though one additional person within the same household may become a member for $10.00. A charitable receipt is issued for tax purposes by the Cataraqui Region Conservation Authority. We are currently accepting memberships online via PayPal or by mailing a cheque.


We encourage and appreciate financial donations in support of our various projects and activities. A charitable receipt is issued for tax purposes by the Cataraqui Region Conservation Authority. To make a donation use our online donation form via paypal or download a form to pay by cheque.


The efforts and skills of our many volunteers are critical to our work to conserve Lemoine Point’s natural environment. They are the main reason for our success. We average 5,000 volunteer hours per year.

If you are interested in joining our volunteer team and participating in Lemoine Point’s conservation, please complete our Volunteer Form »

Note – if you wish to join as both a member and a volunteer, please use the above membership process.

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