What is the Cataraqui Conservation Foundation?

The Cataraqui Conservation Foundation raises funds to assist with the Cataraqui Region Conservation Authority’s conservation education and land acquisition programs.

The Foundation has been the CRCA’s fundraising arm for almost 50 years and is a registered charitable organization with a formally-constituted board of directors and organization by-laws.

The Foundation raises funds for the CRCA’s conservation education programs through its annual Partners in Outdoor Education fundraising campaign. They also hold an annual gala fundraiser each year for conservation education and conservation land acquisition. The largest Foundation project to date was fundraising for the CRCA’s Outdoor Centre at Little Cataraqui Creek Conservation Area in the early 1990s. By raising several hundred thousand dollars, the Foundation helped the CRCA build a facility for community use as well as for its conservation education and recreation programs.

Conservation Awards

The Conservation Awards are given annually to an individual or group that has advanced the understanding of the interdependence of all life in the Cataraqui Region Conservation Authority’s watersheds and has actively promoted the protection of the natural environment. The purpose of the award is to recognize service to conservation by individuals, groups and corporations. This service can be through specific projects, long-term practice or other outstanding activity within the jurisdiction of the Cataraqui Region Conservation Authority. For more information on the Foundation’s Conservation Awards and past winners visit their webpage.

We welcome your support

Your support makes a difference. Your generosity can help us work for a greener and healthier tomorrow for your children and grandchildren. We accept tax-deductible donations or bequests of securities, cash or land. For more information about supporting the Foundation please visit their website at

The Cataraqui Conservation Foundation is a registered charitable organization.

Charitable Registration Number: 11884 0545 RR0001