Frequently Asked Questions


What is the difference between a Conservation Authority and a Conservation Area?

What is a watershed?

Is the vacant land behind my house part of a Conservation Area?

Will you come and remove a wild animal from my back yard?

Why does my dog have to be on a leash when I’m in a Conservation Area?

Where can I get copies of maps or aerial photographs?

Where do I get information on programs, events and trail conditions?

Does the CRCA charge for services?

Who provides funding for the Conservation Authority?

How can I get a job with your organization?

Who controls the water level on my lake?

Who deals with which aspects of water in the CRCA jurisdiction?

How do I find out about the current flood conditions?

There is a beaver dam flooding my property. Whose responsibility is the flooding?

I saw my neighbours working with a backhoe in the creek that runs along the back of our properties. Do they have a permit?

What is fish habitat?

I have recently submitted a development application under the Planning Act to my local municipal office. Why is the Conservation Authority reviewing my application?

What is the status of my development (severance/minor variance/building permit/etc.) application to the CRCA?