Secondary School Programs

Our Secondary School Programs accommodate various grade levels, needs and are designed to be a springboard for action and understanding and strive to be relevant to learners so that they can connect to the natural world through their head, heart and hands. Our facilities include a heated Nature Centre with washrooms and 532 hectares of mixed forest, fields, pond and wetlands. During the winter, a natural skating rinks is maintained on the pond when conditions permit. There are 11 km of trails for hiking and cross-country skiing. Our Conservation Educators enjoy working with young learners and passing on their love and extensive knowledge of nature and the outdoors. A description of the programs we offer is provided below. If you don’t see what you are looking for, please contact our education staff, we will do our best to accommodate you.


All regular programs are two hours in length and are available mornings and afternoons. The start and end times are flexible to adapt to busing schedules. We encourage full day visits where you and your class can take in two education programs or journey on your own through the Conservation Area


  • $6 per student attending for all regular half day programs
  • Minimum $108 fee applies to all groups

Program Dates

  • Programs are not available at this time.


Programs take place at Mac Johnson Wildlife Area, 7 km north of Hwy. 401 in Brockville on Debruge Road.

Booking Instructions

Programs are not available at this time.


Cancellation Policy

A minimum of seven (7) working days notice is required for cancellation to allow us time to contact groups from our waiting list. If the CRCA is notified of the cancellation less than seven working days in advance of the scheduled visit, a cancellation fee of $50.00 will be charged.

Education staff will make contact by 7:00 a.m. the morning of your trip if we need to adapt or re-schedule the program in case of inclement weather or cancel due to severe weather. There will be no charge for a cancellation made due to severe weather conditions.

Programs Available:

Our programs are developed to enrich objectives in the Ontario Curriculum for: Science & Technology, Canadian & World Studies in Geography and Healthy Active Living Education. We encourage students to participate in critical thinking, hands-on outdoor activities and nature connection.

Conservation – Instincts for Survival

(FALL Oct. 1 to Nov. 8 – WINTER Feb. 3 to March 13 – SPRING May 4 to June 12)
Grade 9 Science & Technology – Academic/Applied
This physically active simulation game helps students to understand environmental niches, animal adaptations, energy flow, and predator-prey relationships by role-playing the life of an herbivore, omnivore or carnivore. This game is completed with a discussion of how people and limiting factors, such as disease, impact on natural ecosystems.

Secrets of Succession

(FALL Oct. 1 to Nov. 8 – SPRING May 4 to June 12)
Grade 9 Science & Technology – Academic/Applied
Students will visit three areas where secondary succession is evident; a pond, a meadow and a forest clearing. They will observe and record the succession of new plant life in each of these environments. Students will also observe an example of primary succession of lichens and mosses on glacial boulders and the example of bio-invasion of purple loosestrife in the wetland.

Pond Water Ecology

(FALL Oct. 1 to Nov. 8 – SPRING May 4 to June 13)
Grade 9 Science & Technology – Academic/Applied
After a brief introduction to the food webs of the pond, students assess the health and pollution level of the pond by sampling the living organisms present and by testing water samples.

Map & Compass: Orienteering

(FALL Oct. 1 to Nov. 8 – WINTER Feb. 3 to March 13 – SPRING May 4 to June 12)
Grade 9 Geography: methods of Inquiry & Communication
Grade 11 Geographics: The Geographer’s Toolkit – Workplace
Grades 9-12 Healthy Active Living Education – Open
Paired with a good map, a compass can help you find almost any place you want to go. This program will challenge your students intellectually and physically. The skills of orienteering can last a lifetime and introduce students to the joys of outdoor recreation.

Make a Day of it!

Combine your program with other great activities for a terrific day in the outdoors. Or do your own education program. Our education staff would be pleased to provide you with program ideas. Mac Johnson Wildlife Area has a variety of habitats including wetland, field and forest.

There are also great recreation facilities including picnic areas, an 11 km trail system. There is a warming hut, a bonfire pit and washrooms located beside the reservoir and parking lot. The entrance fee for groups to use our facilities is $3.50 per person. You must make a group booking to use our facilities by calling (613) 345-1990.