In-School Yard, Park/Greenspace & Virtual Programs

Cataraqui Conservation is now offering new ways for students to connect with nature: virtual field trips, school yard programs and park/greenspace programs where our staff come to you. We are here to support teachers and their students deepen your understanding and nature relationships which can happen right in your own school neighbourhood!  We are excited to work in partnership with teachers in order to curate programs that are multi-disciplinary in approach, that enrich the curriculum, while bringing your students outside. If you don’t see what you are looking for or have a question about our programs please contact the education department at or 613-546-4228 ext. 251 to leave a message.


Virtual, school yard, park or greenspace nearby your school.


All programs are 1 to 1.5 hours in length and are available both morning and afternoons. Start and end times are flexible to adapt for busing and travel schedules.


  • $112 – half day program 1-1.5 hours per program, plus mileage
  • Limestone District School Board contributing $3 per student subsidy
  • Due to current COVID restrictions we can only accommodate 25 students per program. If you have larger classes sizes please email or call 613-546-4228 ext. 251.

Program Dates

We are currently booking programs for January and February, 2021.

Winter program offerings are outlined below.

Booking Instructions

Please use our online booking form by pressing the button below.

Cancellation Policy

A minimum of seven (7) working days notice is required for cancellation to allow us time to contact groups from our waiting list. If the CRCA is notified of the cancellation less than seven working days in advance of the scheduled visit, a cancellation fee of $50.00 will be charged.

Education staff will make contact by 7:00 a.m. the morning of your trip if we need to adapt or re-schedule the program in case of inclement weather or cancel due to severe weather. There will be no charge for a cancellation made due to severe weather conditions.

Programs available: January & February

Kinder Winter Wonder

By using their sense, students will experience the seasonal changes. Hands-on sensory exploration activities will the support of puppet friends will guide students to discovering more about the winter season.

Nature In Winter

(Grade 1 and 2) – Science & Technology
Students will go on a winter journey learning about the seasonal needs, adaptations and changes of plants and animals. Students will discover these through games and hands-on sensory activities.

School Yard Snowshoe Adventure

(Grade 3 to 12) – Health and Physical Education
Go on a snowshoe adventure in your very own school yard or nearby park or greenspace! Learn about the art of snowshoeing and its origins with the indigenous people of this land. Through a combination of active and mindful activities, your students will be engaged with their minds, bodies and spirits to connect with nature. The snowshoes are included as part of the program fee.

Instincts for Survival – Predator Prey Simulation Game

(Grade 4 to 8) – Science & Technology
This physically active simulation game helps students to understand food chains, environmental niches, animal adaptations, energy flow, and predator-prey relationships by role-playing the life of a herbivore, omnivore or carnivore. This game is completed with a debrief on how factors such as weather and how decisions humans make can have an impact on ecosystems.

Nature & Forest Therapy Experience

(Grade 4 to 12)  – Geography, Social Science, Health & Phys Ed
Join Forest Therapy Guide Stana Luxford Oddie on a sample of a nature and forest therapy experience right in your school yard or local greenspace. A forest therapy walk is a healing and connective practice that provides the opportunity to deepen your relationship with nature, yourself, and others. Forest Therapy is about opening your senses to the present moment. Everything is an invitation, students follow what feels comfortable to them. The experience can involve walking, sitting, standing or even lying down and the option to share what you are noticing with others. Some side effects for your class might include a boosted immune system, reduced stress and anxiety, greater creativity and focus, better sleep. Slow down, heal and connect right in your own schoolyard or neighbourhood or greenspace.

Creative Writing in the Outdoors

(Grade 10) – English & Creative Writing
Writing provides students with powerful opportunities to learn about themselves and their connections to the world. Through writing, students organize their thoughts, remember important information, solve problems, reflect on a widening range of perspectives, and learn how to communicate effectively for specific purposes and audiences. By going outdoors and experiencing various creative writing activities, your students will have an opportunity to find their voice and explore other voices.

Forest Therapy for School Staff

Forest Therapy is a mindful, healing and connective practice inspired by the Japanese practice of “Shinrin-Yoku” which translates into “forest bathing”. Spending time in nature not only strengthens human immune response and reduces stress, but also make us more creative, mindful, and content in our lives. The beauty of Forest Therapy is that it connects humans and nature, so that both benefit from a renewed relationship.

  • Offered in person at a local park, greenspace, school yard or at a Cataraqui Conservation Area. Cost is $20 per person (minimum fee of $100 for less than 4 participants) maximum 10 participants.
  • Virtual Forest Therapy experience: $100 per group regardless of size.