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Water Levels

Rideau Canal System Recorded Targets
Chaffey’s Locks
(Newboro, Indian, Mosquito, Loon, Clear Lakes, Benson Lake)
122.25 m
121.31 m
122.05 m
121.59 m
Davis Locks
(Lake Opinicon)
119.20 m
118.75 m
118.02 m
118.25 m
Jones Falls Locks
(Sand Lake)
116.28 m
116.04 m
115.30 m
115.73 m
Upper Brewers Locks
(Cranberry, Whitefish, Dog, Little Cranberry Lakes, Cranesnest Lake)
98.86 m
98.65 m
97.09 m
98.10 m
Lower Brewers Locks
(Washburn Locks)
95.05 m
92.70 m
92.76 m
Kingston Mills
(Colonel By Lake, River Styx)
88.92 m
88.70 m
88.04 m
88.48 m
Source: Parks Canada, Rideau Canal, 1998
All elevations correspond to Geodetic Survey of Canada (GSC) datum.
FortisOntario Generation Recorded Targets
Buck Lake max.
133.16 m
132.75 m
132.15 m
132.4 m
Canoe Lake max.
142.04 m
142.0 m
139.00 m
139.1 m
Desert Lake max.
136.05 m 134.56 m
Devil Lake max.
131.92 m
131.65 m
130.05 m
130.2 m
Loughborough Lake max.
129.95 m
124.85 m
124.17 m
124.4 m
Kingsford Lake max.
124.95 m
124.85 m
124.17 m
124.4 m
Source: FortisOntario Generation
All elevations correspond to Geodetic Survey of Canada (GSC) datum.

Cataraqui Region Conservation Authority

Lake 1:100 Year Water Level Agency
Centre 108.0 m CRCA
Temperance 114.6 m CRCA
Sydenham 131.6 m CRCA
Graham* 107.5 m MNR
Lower Beverly 92.9 m MNR
Upper Beverly* 95.1 m MNR
Gould 141.0 m
Grippen 89.2 m
Lyndhurst* 86.6 m
Red Horse 86.4 m
Singleton 86.5 m
*Notes confirmed by MNR and CRCA, 2001
All elevations correspond to Geodetic Survey of Canada (GSC) datum.
Lake Ontario / St. Lawrence River 1:100 Year Water Level Notes
Lake Ontario Seasonal High Water Level 75.1 m
Bay of Quinte West Watershed limited to Glenora Ferry
Terminal (MTO east property line)
75.9 m
Glenora Ferry Terminal to Centreline Millhaven Creek 75.8 m
Centreline Millhaven Creek to East limit of Gananoque 76.0 m 2 yr = 75.4 m
5 yr = 75.6 m
10 yr = 75.7 m
25 yr = 75.8 m
50 yr = 75.9 m
East limit of Gananoque to East limit of Brown’s Bay Park 75.9 m
Brown’s Bay Park to East Watershed limit 75.8 m
All elevations correspond to Geodetic Survey of Canada (GSC) datum.

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