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Plan Review Service Fee Schedule

The Cataraqui Region Conservation Authority (CRCA) reviews applications made under the Planning Act, and provides written comments to its member municipalities. Circulation regulations require that we be notified. We review your application for potential impact on natural resources such as floodplains, wetlands, water quality, steep slopes, and fish and wildlife habitat.

Plan Review Service Fees – Effective April 1, 20161

(For privately initiated site-specifc applications)
NEW fees effective March 1, 2018. See information to the left (sidebar).

Planning Application Type
Official Plan Amendment $635 (minor)3
$975 (major)
Where these applications are submitted concurrently, the fee for a Zoning By-law Amendment is waived.
Zoning By-law Amendment $305 See above.
Consent $360/lot Fees for the review of applications required to fulfill a condition of consent approval are waived.
Minor Variance $305 Where the application is submitted with a site plan control application, the fee for a minor variance application is waived.
Site Plan Control $305
Plan of Condominium $1,295
Plan of Subdivision $2,155



Conditions of draft approval

Clearance of conditions

Lapsed draft plan approval, resubmission or amendment

Reports 4 $290







1All fees for the review of an application and supporting reports must be received before written comments will be provided.

2Significant amendments to an application or report or resubmission within a period of 3 years will be charged a review fee of 50 per cent of the current fee. A resubmission after 3 years will be considered a new application and will be subject to the full current fee.

3Minor refers to single residential or small single-unit commercial applications. Major refers to all larger-scale applications.

4Report fees shall apply to any report circulated in support of an application. Reports include: floodplain delineation/hydrotechnical studies, erosion and slope stability studies, terrain analyses, stormwater management reports, environmental impact statements, hydrogeological studies or similar assessments of natural resources.

  • Brief reports are those prepared in the form of a letter of opinion from a qualified professional, which generally relate to the development of a single lot, usually for residential purposes.
  • Standard reports are those prepared for small or medium scale residential, commercial, industrial or institutional developments.
  • Major reports are those prepared for subdivisions and large scale commercial, industrial or institutional projects, or may include the integrated assessment of multiple topics.

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