CA Act Review

The Conservation Authorities Act is under review

In 2015 the Province of Ontario committed to engage ‘with ministries, municipalities and stakeholder to initiate a review of the Conservation Authorities Act, including addressing roles, responsibilities and governance of conservation authorities in resource management and environmental protection’. On July 20, 2015 the Ministry of Natural Resources and Forestry posted a discussion paper for a 91 day comment period. The discussion paper highlighted and solicited feedback around three areas of interest: governance, funding mechanisms, roles and responsibilities of Conservation Authorities.

Based on the feedback from the 2015 discussion paper, the Ministry of Natural Resources and Forestry released the document: Conserving Our Future: Proposed Priorities for Renewal last May. In this document they propose five priority areas for updating the Act and is now seeking feedback from stakeholders and the public on the contents of the document. The deadline for providing comment is Sept. 9, 2016 – written comments can be provided by: responding to the Environmental Registry by searching the EBR number 012-7583 at or by email

Conservation Ontario recently submitted a formal response to the Province’s suggested priorities for the renewal of the CA Act. Please use the links below to view CO’s response.

Conservation Matters because we rely on our natural resources everyday for resilient watersheds, prosperity and healthy people.



How you can help

  • you can support Conservation Ontario’s proposed new Purpose Statement and Preamble and incorporate it into your own submission
  • You can email your support for Conservation Authorities and integrated watershed management to the Province
  • You can learn about Conservation Authorities and share our infographics with others

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