Monthly archive for September 2015

CRCA’s Water Monitoring Programs

Since this is my first blog, I guess it would be appropriate to talk about myself and my job – Hi, I am Holly Evans, Environmental Technician for the Cataraqui Regoin Conservation Authority (CRCA). I really have two main roles as the environmental technician here at the CRCA. The first one is that I am responsible for leading the implementation for the source water protection plan and I also act as the risk management official and inspector for several municipalities within the Cataraqui Source Protection Area. (For more information, visit And the second thing is that I am working

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Conservation Rules and Regulations are Good For Us All

A lot of folks out there may not realize all the different roles and responsibilities we have here at the Cataraqui Region Conservation Authority. One of the more significant aspects of our work is assisting landowners who want to do work along lakes, rivers, streams or near wetlands to make sure they are doing so in compliance with provincial standards and requirements. Typically, the CRCA reviews applications that can range from someone looking to undertake a small project on their shoreline to large scale developments such as a subdivision. My name is Andrew Schmidt, and as the CRCA’s Development Review

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